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Am I too Slow In Life?

I have been hearing for a few days that one should be planning and executing more for the future. There is a certain age by which one should have a house, be married, have kids and so on… Well, I think each person has their own destiny and own way of living life. I have […]

My International Airlines Flight Experiences

Just so that you know before reading ahead that this will be an ongoing post with all my airlines flight experiences been documented here. I have had few flight experiences but I love to travel and hopefully in future I will have many more to write about. I am an economy flight traveller not only […]

Rising From Fall

When a person is down and seeing failure it becomes easy for everyone to place the blame of everything on that person. all good deeds done before and all earlier success of that person are forgotten and he is left in the dumb. No one understands that person point of view or situation and just […]

My Richard Gere

Haha I know this is a surprising topic and not a one which anyone think I will write on but I just love the characters played by Richard Gere in films like pretty woman, runaway bride and so on. I know I am no but in my perfect world I feel like I also need […]