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It is teacher’s day so I thought I should also today try and say thank you to my Guru from whom I have learnt a lot in life. He is my backbone for my professional life. He is one person whose advice I have faith on without any doubts what so ever. I met my mentor because that was in my fate.

There was a time long back in my life when I wanted to become a Chartered Accountant. I still do not know if I wanted to become a CA or not or it was just in the stars to meet my Guru in life. The Man who never kept any trainee as a regular in office in 5 minutes of the meeting agreed to keep me as an article and wanted me to come to the office to learn. At that time I knew he has agreed to it due to some persons he knew and today I say it was in the stars to meet so it happened. I have a huge smile on my face writing this as The Man I meet that day I did not knew will one day turn to be my backbone in my life.

In my initial days, I hardly understood what few words he explained to me but what I understood was here is a self-made man and I can learn a lot from him. That is a truth which is valid even today. I learnt accounts from him, he made me learn IT or what we know as Digital Marketing today. More than anything I learnt patience from him, perseverance, hard work and the never to fail spirit. I learnt that he let people grow and did not stop anyone for his personal gain.

I have travelled the world thanks to him and got to experience a lot of things in how business is done but I have not found anyone like him who even comes even a bit close to him. I have seen him work with such a hard dedication whatever the situations may be or he might be going through a bad personal phase but he never lets that reflect on his work that much he is passionate about his work. I feel that even if I get 50% of his dedication in my work then I can do wonders. I am trying and will keep trying. I fail dust of the failure and start again as I cannot stop as my Mentor has not taught me that.

There are very few people in my life whom I listen to without second thought but My Guru is one who I can never second guess. I am writing this post from Canada and this is also due to his vision. I know I still have a very long road to cover before I can come close to his expectations but when one has such a strong backbone then what more a person can ask.

I am not very vocal about my feelings in life but during this Pandemic, I have thought I should opening thank the people and tell them how important they are in my life. On this teachers day, I ask forgiveness from my Guru for letting him down and for all wrongdoings and thank him with folded hands for guiding me at all times and standing behind me as a ROCK.

You are a ROCKSTAR. I am not naming you as I know you do not like to come in the front but one day I will make you so proud that you would not be able to resist and say that you are my GURU.

I am very small to say this but I wish you all the health, happiness and good life.


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