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Am I too Slow In Life?

I have been hearing for a few days that one should be planning and executing more for the future. There is a certain age by which one should have a house, be married, have kids and so on… Well, I think each person has their own destiny and own way of living life.

I have since a few years felt like not to be in this running race all the time. I want to steal some moments from this rushed life to spend quality time with the people I love. One thing life has taught me is that how much you plan, how much you procrastinate things will happen and the only the good time you have spent with the people you like or loved ones is the time you will feel happy and these memories make you happy even in the times when you are not together.

One may have regrets of not taking up the right job when it came your way or not investing in the right house or market equity and so on but I have started feeling that these losses you can make up for some way or other or over a period of time but what you cannot make up for is feeling happy , creating good memories and maintain a good health. These things once lost donot come back.

I have come across people who are doing well financially or professionally or both but they are still frustrated. I have come across people who seem to have the perfect life from the outside like having getting married at the right age, having children at the right age and even doing well at business or job but still, they are frustrated or their unhappiness comes out. Maybe it is due to the desire to have more or because in order to attain this so called perfect life they let go of the things which actually made them happy like maybe spending time with their loved ones or travelling or cooking or exploring whatever their heart said.
I am not saying money is not important, infact it is very important as it is a means to live a good life but that is what we need to keep in mind it is a means not the end of it. Also one needs to find happiness in what one has in present, again I am not saying it is bad to be progressive but to be over ambitious or to keeping on desiring more and more is going to make your loose what you have presently and will make you miss out the happiness which you can have in present just because you feel you can get that in future.

Future is uncertain and that is why it is future . You can have the best of the best and may not have the people you like to share with at that time and you can be even at your worst but still the good times you had before might help you to over come that survive the bad times.

Any how each one has their own way of living life and I am not criticizing anyone way of thinking or living. What I am trying to say is everyone has their own pace fast or slow. Let them as they are and donot judge them on it. At the end of the day if a person is happy and satisfied you cannot win from that person in any manner.

Live life in a way so that you have minimum regrets is what I think. 🙂

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