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Rising From Fall

When a person is down and seeing failure it becomes easy for everyone to place the blame of everything on that person. all good deeds done before and all earlier success of that person are forgotten and he is left in the dumb. No one understands that person point of view or situation and just dumps everything on him and makes him loss all his confidence and lead him down the dark road of depression. It is very true that it is why easy to set up a court in a person absence and find him verdict after all there is no way he can fight for his innocence.
Also why would anyone like to take blame for any failure just push it upon a single person and make him the scrape goat and leave him to fend for himself on his own. Living life on own and single is very difficult and one bad decision of yourself can lead you down a road from where to recoup will take immense amount of strenght.

But if you have been raised right and you care for someone you have to find that strenght within yourself and fight your way back up so that you can make them see that all wrong was not on you and you have that fight in you to raise from the ashes and lead to something beautiful.

Some one said your Karma comes back to you and I know in my heart my intentions were nevr bad I just acted in the way I thought was best and save the pains to others, yes I made some stupid mistakes but then I am not saying I am running from them but if it is said right in our scriptors then my Karma will also help me put this right.

I pledge to rise from the ashes and get back the losses back into gains which have been blamed on me and then put my hat away.

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