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So Finally I Start

I will write, I am planning to write, I will do it on that specific day and place, I must start with this specific topics well these have been my thoughts for not says now but months. And each and every time I have wasted or lost the opportunity to start the blog which I have been planning for almost 2 years now. What an amazing bad planner and starter I am. 

Am I a writer? No. Have I ever taken a course in writing? No. Is my education in such a stream from where I can get into the world of writing? Well the answer to this and many more such questions is a Big No. Then why do I want to start this blog? Is it because it is a trend to blog these days? Well in honesty I can say no to that because I am the last person to follow a trend or fashion or the usual way. So what is prompting me to do this. Well I do not exactly know the reason but some where I think it is to put my thoughts on a platform which I can share with some one I need to or I can keep private as well. To put a trial on all the experiences which I gather as well as to put all my memories at a single place which does not get lost, washed, crumpled with passage of time. This one is more for myself than for anyone else.

This blog is for my knowledge , memory, experiences and my life in general be it aspects of my work, travel, food which I love eating or places I dream to go or all those wonderful moments I spend with my mom and loved ones.

I am in bad habit of leaving this mid way but I am hopefully that since now I have finally started this I will not let this my own little project fall away.

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