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Living Life Of Quartine Away From Family In Foreign Land

When this pandemic of Covid-19 started with the common name of Corona I did not realize it will make me think about life from a different perspective. It has been years since I have been living away from family but in the same country in fact in the same nearby state only so never realized that been away in a different country would make me ponder over things which I might not have thought before.

For many years this has been in mind that spending time with the people we love and care is more important than any career goals or other material life goals but when one becomes busy in the daily hustle bustle of life we tend to forget this thing. On top of it we see other people rushing or moving ahead in life and then I also get into that race to win the things we can never win.

Being away from my people who matter the most to me in life has again set my brain to thinking back what is important to me running the race which I can never win as there will always be something more I would want like a bigger car, more paycheck or a better house but in return, I will loose to make memories with my Mom and family. These are the people who matter to me more than anything and God forbid if I never ever get time to spend time with them then what?

I already have some regrets in life of not doing things or spending time as I should have with people who are no longer with me. I am not saying material things are not important to me but I think only I have the ability to draw the line where I stop giving them more preference and run after the people who matter to me more.

People might think I am mad and have lost it but when I have done things as is the normal norm of doing things so why should I worry now. We all can see that when nature takes it course the whole world can come to its knees in second than what I am as an individual against this natural power. I can only do what I can at my end and in the end be at peace with it.

I am sure everyone has their own take on this Covid-19 as per their experience as each person has their own experience but I think we all should for a bit take time out and think where we are going and what are we expecting in life. Life is strange and can give you bumps you might not even think of but in end it only matters how much you are at peace with your own decisions.

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