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Some Not So Famous Tourist Places I loved in My Travel

Most of the time when we are planning any travel and ask someone about it or do research most of the places which are suggested are the usual touristy places. But since I love to travel and I am not one who will just do something or go for place because everyone does it or is a tick off on the list I try and explore places which do not usually come up in search or vlogging these days. So here I will list some of those places which I have visited and what I loved about the place.

  1. Hampi :- This is the first place which comes to my mind when I think of the places I have visited in Karnataka which people from North do not usually visit or have heard of as a tourist spot. Most of the people who know of this place think it as a spot for weed smoking or hippie village which at one point it was famous for but sadly or not that is closed now. I found this to be a beautiful place with the ruins of    century telling us story about our glorious past and amazing architecture of those times. I would definitely suggest taking a government approved guide with you as not only they tell you about the history in a very interesting manner but they also know the best places to take photographers which is very important in these times of social media and Instagram haha.
    Another thing which is a must do in Hampi is the Coracle boat ride. These are small round traditional boats made from coconut fiber, husk and woven braids. It is an experience in itself how the boatmen take you around in it. It is a boating experience I will always remember.
  2. Thekkady:- I think this place is highly underrated by Indian tourist in the state of Kerala. It is an amazing place and the tea gardens here are very beautiful. Infact I might get some flake over it but I think the tea gardens here are more beautiful than Munnar and specially as those have become too commercial.

    Another very good thing about this place is the Periyar National Park where he most famous activity is the boat safari. I would suggest the tourism department to run more specialized boat safaris and not only the big ones as those get too noisy at times since people do not understand the importance of wild life and people like us who would like to enjoy the wildlife in its true form loose out on the experience. But I would still say that it is one of the best safaris to be done specially if you want to see some of those birds in its natural habitat up close.
  3. Mcleod Ganj:- It is one the smallest cities of Himachal Pradesh and not so much of variety is available as a big city of Manali. But if you visit this place in the month of September where there is off an on rain happening this is one of the best places to connect with nature and have a relaxing and blissful stay. It has a small market but you get amazing local food and just savor the nature at its best.
  4. Sunderbans Cruise:- I would say this is one of the best cruise experience I had. A visit to the old charming city of Kolkata is not complete if you do not visit Sunderbans or atleast day a day river cruise of it. You might not see any tigers for which Sunderbans are known for but the experience of riding a boat in the calm waters of Ganga with mangroves on the sides is one of the best experiences of life I would say. A good cruise also gives you local food and having a hot piping mean on the boat in that amazing surroundings is surreal.

I will keep adding to this list of places as I travel more and gather more experience. Hope you like what I have shared and would like more to this list.


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