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My International Airlines Flight Experiences

Just so that you know before reading ahead that this will be an ongoing post with all my airlines flight experiences been documented here. I have had few flight experiences but I love to travel and hopefully in future I will have many more to write about. I am an economy flight traveller not only because I like to save but in reality, I cannot afford the higher fares of other classes although I wish sometime in my lifetime I would be able to experience those as well and atleast once with my lovely companion that is my mother. Well that is a story for another day, for now I would continue with the flights I have taken till now:-

1. Air India:- Well Air India is the national carrier of my county and people usually have a very bad experience with them but I differ. Maybe I am more tolerant or I think I am a better traveler and a low maintenance one. I find the ground staff to be very helpful both in Indian location that is most of the time Delhi for me and as well as abroad as well. I took the flight from Heathrow and they were good there as well infact they made sure that who were in line before were attended before and did not let others break the line which most of my Indian counterparts love to do on one pretext of other. Coming to in-flight experience I think they have quite a decent leg space even in the economy section all though sometimes the inflight entertainment equipment is hard to get working. Food is also not very bad especially as per my Indian palette. The staff is quite good I don’t blame them for being a bit harsh at time because I have to agree with them that Indian passengers are very demanding and rude as well at time, so I think dealing with all this makes them a bit harsh. They usually reach the destination within time or at times earlier also which I love about them. Overall I have had good experience traveling with them and will love to do so in the future as well.

2. British Airways:-  Again this is an airline I have traveled few times and although some people said that they are rude but I always had a pleasant experience with both ground and air staff. But the only thing I have found is that their leg space in economy class is less as compared to some of the other airlines I have traveled. I even traveled once in a premium economy and still the leg space was not much different and you need to keep in mind I am an average height person. The food served in flights is borderline okay but their on-ground staff has been wonderful. Once I had to reschedule my flight due to a snow storm and they were very helpful and I did get the available flight possible which meant alot to me.

3. Air Canada:- I took this flight in connection with Air India for my travel from Toronto to New Delhi and I must say their leg space is good and so is their inflight entertainment system and food as well. I was impressed with the leg space and till now out of all the 2 flights above they had the best one. Also the in flight entertainment system is good. Their staff is fine sometimes a bit off it seems but I would say still good. Their ground staff is mix of good and borderline rude. But you should keep in mind they are very strict with their luggage guidelines so do adhere to them so that you have a easy going.

4. Delta By Air France:- Last December 2019 was when I traveled by the flight of Delta by Air France and my overall experience was good.  First of all yes this is Delta not the American airlines but an economy airlines run by Air France which came as a pleasant surprise to me as well. My check-in process was fine but the ground staff can be more pleasant as sometimes it appears they are like strict teachers hahaha. I am not a fussy traveler so usually, I am fine and since I am in customer dealings myself I understand that at times it is hard for the staff so be pleasant and people are pleasant with you. The leg space was usual nothing much different from other as I was in the economy but the aircrew was good, accommodating, and nice. Food was pretty decent but bad news for people who look for hard liquor as they serve only wine and champagne. I was good with that as that keeps people in better behavior. The in flight entertainment is also decent. I had a stopover at France and there if you are not active and fast things can be little bit difficult as the ground crew there does not like to speak in English but I like the complementary lounge you get at the airport to rest if you have a long stopover like I had. But I had ample time so I was fine with it. Also, I would like to fly with this airlines again as a major plus is that they allowed 2 check-in bags which is a very major plus point for me.

I like to plan my flights with the ones I have had good experience since travelling long distances is not easy but this does not mean that I am not open to trying more flights. My choice also depends on the price I am getting when I plan to travel and till now the above-mentioned flights have usually matched by budget. Well, I would say cheers to more travels and more flights and hopefully more good experiences. Like I said at the start this post will be an ongoing post depending on my different flight experiences so till then ciao.

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