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Haha I know this is a surprising topic and not a one which anyone think I will write on but I just love the characters played by Richard Gere in films like pretty woman, runaway bride and so on. I know I am no but in my perfect world I feel like I also need to have a chance to meet my Richard some where some place.

I am no Julia Roberts who has perfect size , amazing looks wise and beautiful but then I am not looking for a Richard Gere look wise I am looking for that understanding man who can understand me , respect me for what I am and still love me with all my flaws. There must be something good in me that someone can see in me and court me for myself.

Oh I know the perfect world does not exist and life is no fairy tale but still there is still some good in this world and some one some where is always made for everyone or that is what I hope for .
Any how I donot know if I will meet someone or not or what will happen in life ahead but I donot think it is fatal to dream and think of good things.

So like always waiting something magical to happen and to find that one person who somewhere is waiting for me to enter his life also. Maybe our roads will cross some where and may God give us the engligtment to recognise each other and make each other life better.
Till then happy movie watching for me and others like me

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