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Budget Places To Eat In Chandigarh

I am a self confessed foodie who likes to eat and try out different stuff as much as possible. But like every salaried person I have my budget constraints so each month I eat out as per my pocket. End story is one always needs budget places to eat good food. Here is my list of some of such places in Chandigarh:- 

  1. Kailash Restaurant – Sector 19 – I landed up at this place around 4 years back with my sister as we were out shopping for her wedding and were to tired to go to any place else. Since then this is my go to place when ever I am in mood for economical, decent quantity and good quality Indian food along with some Indianised Chinese. The place has renovated since our first visit but the food consistency has remained the same over all these years. My personal favourites here are Paneer Nan with Gravy, Stuffed Kulcha with Dal, Dal Makhani, Madrasi Paneer, Paneer Papad (starter), even Jalabis are good although I am not much of a sweets person but they make thin crisps ones which are good. Combos available here are also reasonable and good choice for 2 persons and even soups are not bad. The quality and quantity both are good and staff is very polite and helpful.
  2. OvenFresh – Sector 35 – We were in college when this joint opened up in Chandigarh it must be in year 1998-1999. A place very different at that time offering us desi people with grilled sandwiches, pizzas, croissants ( I still drool when I remember the cheese croissants they had which they have stopped making now) and many such items which have become normal now. At that time we could not afford to come to this place often as we were college students with limited resources but whenever we had to take treat or had some decent money at hand we would land up at this place. I am putting this in budget places in comparison with other such places providing the same stuff. Not only their price is decent but even the quantity is good. Their coleslaw and uncle chips which they give as accompaniment with grilled sandwich has not changed since they have opened and that just brings smile on my face. Their ready to eat buns are also sold out each evening and my favorite in them is the Veg Russian Salad Roll and Chicken Mayonnaise Roll which finish quite early. Again I have to mention their staff is ever smiling bunch of guys which have been here since long.
  3. Indian Coffee House – Sector 17 – This is an iconic place. I think People who try and review it and pass judgement on it do not get the essence of the place. This is a pre independence era place and how it came into existence is a story in itself. Keeping that all aside this place still serves the best South Indian food and at such reasonable price. Along with that the perfect cup of Indian coffee. Never could understand how their cold coffee has that foam on top haha but that is the fun part. They have introduced new stuff like hot dogs and burgers but for me the Dosas, Vada and Idili (Sold out early evening) hold the fort always. Again their waiters are old school but so pleasant and always ask if you want sauce with you sambhar and my answer is always no 🙂. Direction to the Indian Coffee House Sector 17 is linked.
  4. Nagpal Dhaba –  Sector 22 –
  5. Bansal Amritsar Food Street – MDC –

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