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Recommended Places To Eat In Chennai & Pondicherry

Well my recent trip in winters was to Chennai and the beach city of Pondicherry now official knows as Puducherry. Both the places are high on food quotient if you find the right places to eat. So of all the meals I had in my limited time there here are some of the places I recommend.

  1. Hotel Saravana Bhavan :- This is a chain of vegetarian hotels all across Chennai and Pondicherry. The have alot of options available and in some chain Chinese as well. I would recommend to try different South Indian food options as when in South if you try North Indian food then what is the fun. One thing you all should know is that meals are available in lunch time only. Set meals or thalis are available in lunch only and not at dinner place. This is true for all the places so please do make time to have these at lunch as you get so many varieties of veg to eat and unlimited as well except the sweets.
  2. Dindigul Thalappakatti :- Again this restaurant has chain all across Chennai and we visited the one on Anna Salai Road opposite the Dargah. This has both the vegetarian and non vegetarian food option. I would say again try the Chettinad food here not the North Indian and others. I am not saying abo ut them good or not but since we are from North I would always try the local option. We had the most wonderful fish curry here and an amazing Veg Chettinad with melt in mouth idiyappams. Their biryanis are also very good and different from the usual ones we get in North as their’s is made with small rice and has different spice mix. The Chettinad food is spicy so be ready for it as that is where all the fun is. Lots of things remained untasted by us but we had limited time.
  3. Ratna Cafe :- If you go to Chennai and donot go here then you have missed South Indian food heaven. This is just an amazing place with good warm hospitable staff and scrumptious food. Finger licking, plate licking good food. This is the cafe where the pour hot delicious sambhar over your idlis an d vadas and you just go to heaven. Everything which I triedhere be it idlis, vada, dosa, porontha was such good and soul satisfying that if I ever go to Chennai this place would be the first one for my food stop. Even their filter coffee was one of the best I had.

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